Know Your Numbers, Know Your Options Class 3

  VIDEO Cash Flow Documents (10 minutes)

Activity 1: Categorize items by activity type: operating, investing, financing or N/A. 

Activity 2: Use the actual monthly cash flow for Jon & Joan Case to develop a statement of cash flow for their farm.  

Activity 3.3: After reviewing their cash flow budget and statement, the Case Family would like to improve their cash flow for the coming year. Answer the following questions, be prepared to share your response during our class discussion. 

  1. How can the Case family increase their income?
  2. What months do they borrow the greatest amount of money? How can the adjust their cash flow budget to have cash on hand during these large deficit months?
  3. What expenses can they reduce? 

 VIDEO Income Statements (14 minutes)

Activity 4: The Case Family uses cash accounting, and has never developed an accrual adjusted income statement. Using the Income Statement Worksheet below, and their Schedule F on page 8 fill in the grey shaded boxes.