Farmers Walk Tightrope When Managing Risk

Farmers Walk Tightrope When Managing Risk
Associate Professor and Extension Policy Specialist
Grain bins at dusk.

Lance Cheung, USDA (Flickr/Public Domain)

This article was first published on July 27, 2021 by Nebraska Farmer an is excerpted here with permission.

The agricultural outlook in 2021 certainly looks better than it did at this same time in 2020. While COVID-19 health concerns and economic impacts linger, ag markets have not only recovered from the shocks of 2020, but have mostly moved substantially higher.

Yet even under improved market conditions, producers can readily see risk and volatility in the marketplace, as well as numerous risks beyond the market.

Producers have always needed to pay attention to and manage risk to be successful. In today’s operating environment, producers face a broad range of risks from production and market risks to financial, legal and human risks.

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