Agricultural Budget Calculator Training Sessions

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Agricultural Budget Calculator Training

It’s always important to estimate cost of production for our agricultural enterprises, but now with the volatile input and crop prices, it’s even more critical.  Knowing your estimated cost of production can assist you in making important management decisions now and throughout the production and marketing year. 

We have scheduled a number of in-person workshops across the state, as well as virtual workshops, so Agricultural Budget Calculator users can get hands-on experience and learn about how the program can assist ag producers and managers.

Hop on your computer, create an Ag Budget Calculator (ABC) program account (, and let us walk you through the program features and provide instruction on using the program!

In-person and Virtual Training


Attendees are encouraged to bring their own laptop to learn how use the program during the workshop. Mobile lab computers will be available if needed.


  • March 22: David City
  • March 23: Tekamah
Topics covered at in-person workshops:
  • Downloading and using university crop budgets as a guide
  • How to create customized crop budgets for owned and rented farms
  • How to enter field operations and material inputs and determine costs on a per-field basis
  • How to generate enterprise reports that include cash costs, economic costs and anticipated returns
  • The use of analysis features, including the risk module
  • And more!

Virtual Sessions

Three different virtual workshops are periodically offered for ABC users of all skill levels. Sessions are held over Zoom.


  • March 24: ABC Q&A
  • April 1: ABC Q&A
About each virtual session:

ABC 1.0 Introduction to ABC and Customizing your Crop Budgets

  • Creating customized crop budgets for your owned and rented ground
  • Determine projected cost of production and anticipated returns
  • ABC program features, including risk analysis

ABC 2.0 Advancing in the Use of the ABC Program

  • Combining crop enterprises on your whole farm
  • Reconciling operation expenses
  • Allocating overhead expenses to enterprises


  • During this session, we’ll answer your questions about the use of the ABC program. If you have one or more questions to ask, chances are someone else is wondering about the same thing. Hop on Zoom and let us assist you!.
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