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The Center for Ag Profitability's webinar series focuses on topics related to farm and ranch management, profitability, economics and farm survival for producers and ag industry professionals in Nebraska and beyond.

The live webcasts are typically presented at noon Central time on Thursdays. Registration is always free.

Scroll down for the schedule of upcoming webinars and the archive of past recordings, including our Farm and Ranch Management series that began in April 2020.

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July 29

Noon-1 p.m. CDT

Making Decisions After the Storm

With Cory Walters, associate professor and grain marketing specialist, UNL Agricultural Economics; David Jones, professor and department head, UNL Biological Systems Engineering; and Jessica Groskopf, agricultural economist, Nebraska Extension.

Storms have damaged crops and bins across the state. This webinar will discuss crop insurance, marketing, and grain storage decisions for those in affected areas.


August 5

Noon-1 p.m. CDT

Early Weaning Calves: Management, Nutrition and Profitability


  • Karla Wilke, Associate Professor and Cow/Calf Specialist, UNL Animal Science
  • Randy Saner, Beef Systems Educator, Nebraska Extension
  • Matt Stockton, Associate Professor and Extension Agricultural Economist, UNL Agricultural Economics
  • Jay Parsons, Professor and Farm and Ranch Management Specialist, UNL Agricultural Economics

Early weaning beef calves can be a helpful management practice for many cow-calf operations, especially where quality forages may be lacking due to drought and other factors. How you manage the calves depends largely on the age of the animals and the producer’s goals. This webinar will explore different options and best practices for early weaning, covering nutrition, costs and potential benefits. The presenters will cover management-related topics like digestibility, passage rate through the rumen, vaccinations and feeding. The business side of the presentation will cover breakeven costs for feeding early weaned calves, risk management tools, marketing and more.


August 12

Noon-1 p.m. CDT

Ag Carbon Credit Organizations: Panel Discussion

With: Dave Aiken, Professor and Agricultural Law and Water Specialist, UNL Agricultural Economics.

There is lots of discussion of ag carbon credits these days, and the U.S. Senate has just approved the Growing Climate Solutions Act, which could create greater transparency in ag carbon credit markets. This panel discussion will include representatives of ag carbon credit companies. After each panel member provides a summary of how their company approaches the ag carbon credit market, we will open it up to questions from our viewers. Be sure to join us for what should be a very informative session.


August 19

Noon-1 p.m. CDT

Your Farm or Ranch: Estate? Succession? Legacy?

With: Jeff Tranel, Agricultural and Business Management Economist, Colorado State University Extension

Jeff Tranel is an Agricultural and Business Management Economist with Colorado State University. His professional interest focus on estate and succession planning, financial management, income tax management, and human resource management.


August 26

Noon-1 p.m. CDT

2021 Nebraska Farm Real Estate Overview

With: Jim Jansen, Extension Educator and Agricultural Economist, UNL Agricultural Economics

Nebraska agricultural land values increased by 6% over the prior year, to a statewide average of $2,895 per acre, according to the final results of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s 2021 Farm Real Estate Report. This marks the second consecutive annual increase.

Land industry professionals responding to the annual survey attributed the rise in Nebraska farm real estate values to current interest rate levels, crop prices, and COVID-19 disaster assistance payments provided to operators across the state.

Operators faced an exceptional amount of risk and uncertainty when navigating production decisions during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lower interest rates and disaster assistance payments provided stability to an industry facing an economic shutdown and disruptions of supply chains.

This webinar will provide an overview of 2021 land values and cash rental rates as well as trends and outlook.


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