Ag SmartMoney Week

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Ag $martMoney Week, Nov. 6-10, 2023, is a program focused on providing education, information, tools, and training for agricultural producers in Nebraska to better manage and improve their operations. Through a collaboration of businesses, financial institutions, not-for-profits, and government agencies, free workshops, tools, resources, and information will be provided via in-person and online meetings.

Areas covered include topics related to risk management, estate and transition planning, land leasing and rental rates, human resources, and technology.

The goal of this Week will be to provide education, information, and tools for agricultural producers to help with their operations.

Webinar Recordings

Nov. 6
Noon CT
Current Trends in Nebraska Land Values, Cash Rents & Lease Considerations for 2024

With: Jim Jansen
Extension Educator and Agricultural Economist, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Join agricultural economist Jim Jansen as he presents current trends in farmland values, cash rental rates, and lease arrangements across the state in 2024. Discussion of cash rent rates includes dryland and irrigated cropland along with grazing land rental rates for northeast Nebraska. Insight into lease arrangements outlines major pitfalls in land contracts and proper methods to overcome these challenges. The presentation highlights real estate trends and economic indicators to give attendees the insight necessary for making informed land management decisions

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Nov. 6
6 p.m. CT

Cash Flow Budgeting

With: Shannon Sand
Extension Educator and Agricultural Economist, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

This webinar will cover what is a cash flow, why is it important, and how to create a cash flow budget in order to better budget expenses throughout the year.

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Nov. 7
Noon CT
Sharpening Your Grain Marketing Skills

With: Justin Trompke
AgWest Commodities

You may be great a raising a crop, but still struggle to sell it. That’s understandable! You wear many hats and time is limited. On this webinar, learn the steps to build a marketing plan, starting with a solid breakeven. Commodities are on a constant rollercoaster but having a plan in action is one of the best ways to help your operation be prepared when opportunity comes.

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Nov. 8
Noon CT
Dust Off Your Checkbook Register

With: Jessica Groskopf
Extension Educator and Agricultural Economist, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Although many of us carry a checkbook register, we probably are not maintaining it properly. Simple steps can improve the usefulness of this everyday tool. This webinar will review best management practices for keeping your check register up to date.

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Nov. 8
7 p.m. CT
Calculating Annual Cow Costs

With: Aaron Berger
Extension Educator, Beef Systems, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Understanding the different economic costs associated with cow-calf production provides producers with information they can utilize to make management decisions to improve profitability.

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Nov. 9
Noon CT

Working Capital: What is it and Why is it Important?


Matt Stockton
Professor and Agricultural Economist, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Brian Strauch
Vice President/Business Banking Officer, MNB Bank, McCook

There has been a lot of discussion in the news on working capital lately. This webinar will cover what it is, what is included in working capital, and why it’s important for producers to monitor. This session will also include a banker’s perspective on working capital.

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Nov. 21
Noon CT

Projecting Your Cost of Production for 2024 Using Enterprise Budgeting and ABC

Note: This webinar was rescheduled from Nov. 10 to Nov. 21 at noon CT.

With: Glennis McClure
Extension Educator and Farm & Ranch Management Analyst, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

As profit margins are projected to tighten, management risks are on the rise. Lower commodity prices and higher production costs are contributing to the increased risks.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Center for Agricultural Profitability has developed the Agricultural Budget Calculator (ABC) program to guide users in creating enterprise budgets and calculating the cost of production. ABC is a free online resource that provides analysis features useful in planning and risk management. We will discuss the basic steps in developing enterprise budgets and an overview of the analysis features built into the program. Creating ag enterprise budgets is made easy using ABC! Your budgets can be an excellent decision-making resource.

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