Livestock-Related Nebraska Custom Rates

Piglets in a barn.

Nebraska Custom Rates Survey Related to Livestock Services — New!

Each year, many Nebraska farmers and ranchers inquire about prevailing rates paid for certain kinds of custom farm services. In addition to the regular biennial custom rates services survey and report, the Center for Agricultural Profitability is launching a new survey that will provide data for producers and operators that work closely with the livestock industry in Nebraska.

The survey should take only a few minutes to complete.  Operators that perform and PROVIDE SERVICES for others or that utilize and PAY OTHERS are invited to participate in the survey. Even if only one or a few custom services are utilized or performed, participation in providing the rates that you are familiar with is important. Individual survey responses are kept anonymous and confidential. Only district and/or state ranges and averages will be published. By completing the survey, you have the opportunity to ensure that the information provided to Nebraska livestock producers and those that provide related services is the most accurate possible.  

We request participants only complete and submit one version of the survey. If you have already received or submitted a copy of the 2023 survey, we thank you! 

If you have questions about the survey, send a note or call: Glennis McClure, or 402.472.0661.

Complete the livestock-related custom rates survey by mid-May, 2023.

Click on the button below to submit your information and receive a link to complete the survey online or to request a printed copy.

Survey Sign-up
February 14, 2023