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The Center for Ag Profitability's publication series carries on the work started in March 2021 with our Farm and Ranch Management (FARM) publication series by offering trusted, research-based information for producers and other agribusiness professionals of all levels.

Farm management issues covered include finances, the ag economy, marketing, ag policy, farm programs and much more. The series typically published 2-3 times per week, with each article usually accompanied by a podcast that summarizes and expands upon the written piece.

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2024 Nebraska Custom Rates: What to Charge?
What Do Ongoing High Interest Rates Mean for Ag Producers?
Nebraska Feedlot Labor Survey Finds Higher Costs, Labor Supply Issues Amid Rising Inflation
Aging in Place in Rural Nebraska: Homecare Worker Cooperatives
The Basics of Loans for Farmers and Ranchers
Ideas for estate and transition planning: gift leaseback
Net farm income impacts net worth growth
Ideas for estate and transition planning: gifting
To retain or not to retain: a heifer dilemma
The importance of strategic planning for farmers and ranchers
Evaluating risk and financial returns in farmland leases for 2024
Figuring field operation costs using the Agricultural Budget Calculator program
Summary of United States crop insurance sales and experience
One-Participant 401(k) as a tool for farmers and ranchers
One-Participant 401(k): Saving for retirement and reducing taxes
Agriculture and community wellbeing: A review of three research studies
What happens to your farm or ranch if you become disabled?
The economics of deficit irrigation utilizing soil moisture probes
What did higher profit cow-calf producers do to be more profitable?
Diesel tractor fuel efficiency and exhaust emissions standards
2024 Nebraska crop budgets — a mixed review with some costs higher, some lower
What is IRS Section 180 and how does it work?
How much Nebraska ag land is owned by foreign entities?
Do only Americans own America? Foreign investment in agricultural lands in the United States
USDA reports on 2023 Nebraska land values and county-level cash rent estimates
Cooperatives Making a Difference in Nebraska Communities
Are you a farmer or rancher over 18? It’s time for an estate plan
High culling continues to impact beef market
Marketing calves with blemishes
Ag lenders offer insight on conditions for Nebraska livestock producers
Tax accounting vs. managerial accounting: what is the difference and why does it matter?
Harvest operations: own it or hire it?
Technology use growing on Nebraska farms and ranches
Terminating a verbal farmland lease in Nebraska
Nebraska approves pass-through entity tax bill
Managing market volatility in 2023
New loan payment calculator tool launched
Using breakeven analysis for better decisions
The changing cost of cattle transportation
Managing calf market risk with LRP in 2023
Higher cattle prices are good, but wide profit margins are better
Rural Poll: Community size, age impact volunteerism in Nebraska
Homecare worker cooperatives aim to support aging in place in rural Nebraska
Case farms for farm-level income and policy analysis in Nebraska
What is the Value of Strategic Planning for Farmers and Ranchers?
Lease termination deadline, livestock nuisance bills among ag agenda items in 2023 Nebraska Legislature
Caution needed when purchasing supplemental coverage option and enhanced coverage option
Recognizing Power and Control in Estate Planning
Nebraska Agriculture a Leader in the Region and the Country
Rural Poll Gauges Sentiment About Community Leadership in Rural Nebraska
2023 Cooperative Business Development Mini-Grant Program Request for Applications
Meeting Minutes Requirements for Farm and Ranch Businesses
Hedging Your Average Crop Price Using Seasonals
Year in Review: USDA Reports on Higher Land Values and County-Level Cash Rent Estimates Across Nebraska in 2022
Better News on World Fertilizer Markets
2023 Nebraska Crop Production Budgets — Higher Costs and Risks
Historical Corn Price Evolution Implications for Pre-harvest Hedging
It is That Time of Year … Small Business Saturday Supports Rural Communities
Rural Nebraskans’ Perceptions of the Economy and Employment
Webinar Series Planned on Co-op Innovation in the Food System
The Impact of Low Stocks-to-use Ratio and the Ukraine-Russia Conflict on the Distillers-to-Corn Price Ratio
11 Key Management Decisions Made Easier Using the Agricultural Budget Calculator (ABC)
How To Adjust Rental Payments When Tenants Own the Center Pivot
Decision-making Under Uncertainty
Being Rural in Nebraska: Both a Blessing and a Curse
Flexible Stocking Rate Options for Drought Management
Tax Options Amid Drought Conditions
The Economics of Corn and Soybean Harvest Moisture
Get Perspective Before Big Decisions
Tensions Surrounding US Beef Exports to China
Adding Another Family Member to the Farm Payroll
Terminating a Verbal Farmland Lease
Five Key Principles of a Good Risk Management Culture
Beef Slaughter and Price Relationship Amid 2022 Economic Conditions
Cropland Values in the Central U.S. Show Strength in 2022
Changes in Trust in Media in Rural Nebraska
Protecting Liquidity with Tax Planning
When Drought-stressed Pastures Look Dormant in July
Without Trust, How Does a Family Function?
Rebuilding Fences After Disaster
Agricultural Custom Work – What to Charge?
Welcoming Communities: It’s the Little Things That Matter
Feeder Cattle Interest Rates, Grazing Land Values Pose Hurdles for Producers
What is the Value of Financial and Business Management to Ag Producers?
Cooperative Directors: Asking Necessary Questions
Confidence in Local Institutions Among Rural Nebraskans
Roth IRAs for Children Earning a Wage on the Farm
Tracking Your Cost of Production Amid Rising Input Prices
Feed Availability on Cost of Gain and Manure as a Source of Feedlot Revenue and Crop Fertilizer
Farm Succession Planning: Simple Steps
2022 Nebraska Farmland Values Hit Historic Highs
ABC Program’s Risk Module Updated with 2022 Prices and Premiums for Corn and Soybeans
Nebraska Inheritance Tax Update
Why Aren’t Employees Coming Back to Their Jobs?
2022 Crop Insurance Corn and Soybean Projected Prices and Decision Making
The Impact of COVID-19 on Cash Receipts for Nebraska Livestock and Poultry Producers
Risk Preference Calculator: A Tool to Help Decision-Makers Succeed
New Bill Would Change Nebraska Drainage Law
Fertilizer Costs: What is Driving the Increase and How Can Growers Manage It?
Homecare Worker Cooperative Academy Launching in Nebraska