So You've Inherited a Farm ... Now What? Workshop Video

So You've Inherited a Farm ... Now What? Workshop Video
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"So You've Inherited a Farm ... Now What?" was recorded on Sept. 1, 2022, at Round the Bend in Ashland, Neb. It is presented here in six parts.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Center for Agricultural Profitability produced this workshop for those who have inherited or received farmland and want to learn more about the best strategies for managing and owning this asset.

Extension educators Allan Vyhnalek and Jim Jansen present on topics related to what it means to own farmland today. Those include:

  • Evaluating whether to keep or sell the farm
  • Managing a farm
  • Lease provisions
  • Legal considerations
  • Managing communication and expectations among family members
  • Creating or adjusting estate plans

“We hear all the time from people who have lost their parents, and now are managing a farm for the first time in their lives,” Vyhnalek said. “Maybe they grew up there but haven’t been around for a while and they want to understand modern farming and management concepts, which this workshop will address.


Allan Vyhnalek, extension educator for farm and ranch transition and succession,

Jim Jansen, agricultural economist,

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Part 1: Nebraska Ag Land Values and Appraisals
Part 2: Communication, Family Relationships, and Plans for the Land
Part 3: Nebraska Cash Rental Rates
Part 4: Setting Cash Rental Rates and Trends in Lease Agreements
Part 5: Lease Provisions and Landlord-tenant Communications
Part 6: Succession and Estate Planning for Farmers and Ranchers

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