Managing Agricultural Land in 2020 and Beyond Workshop Video

Nebraska Extension's Managing Agricultural Land in 2020 and Beyond workshop was presented in close to 20 locations across the state in late 2019 and early 2020.

Information was presented for landlords and operators on the latest cash rental rates, leasing considerations and trends, negotiation methods and farm succession. This workshop was developed by Extension Educators Austin Duerfeldt, Jim Jansen and Allan Vyhnalek, all in the Department of Agricultural Economics.

The complete workshop is presented here, in short segments by topic.

This presentation was recorded on Feb. 3, 2020 at Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County.

The workshop was supported by Nebraska Extension, the North Central Extension Risk Management Education Center and USDA-National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

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Extension Educators Ben Beckman and Aaron Nygren offer information on multiple land management issues facing both landlords and tenants. Topics include division of responsibilities, communication, hay ground leasing, calculating stocker rates, learning more about your land using online tools and more.

Managing Agricultural Land in 2020 and Beyond Workshop Videos:

Part 1: Nebraska Land Values

Summarizing trends in agricultural property valuation from 2019. By Jim Jansen.

Part 2: Cash Rental Rates for Dryland Cropland

Averages and trends for Nebraska dryland cropland cash rent in 2019. By Jim Jansen.

Part 3: Cash Rental Rates — Pasture and Cow-calf Pairs

Averages and trends for Nebraska pasture and cow-calf cash rent in 2019. By Jim Jansen.

Part 4: Cash Rental Rates for Irrigated Cropland

Averages and trends for Nebraska irrigated cropland cash rent in 2019. By Jim Jansen.

Part 5: Trends in Ag Land Lease Arrangements

A look at lease arrangement considerations, including risk and returns, setting cash rental rates, discounts, return on investment and responsibilities of each party. By Jim Jansen.

Part 6: Negotiations — Motivations and Examples

An overview of the negotiation process and considerations for reaching agreements. By Austin Duerfeldt.

Part 7: Negotiations — Methods and Value Creation

Looking at the traditional bargaining method versus value creation negotiations. By Austin Deurfeldt.

Part 8: Negotiations: Reaching Agreements

Tips on negotiating skills, communication and reaching agreements that satisfy both parties. By Austin Duerfeldt.

Part 9: Adjusting Leases for Damaged (Flooded) Ground

Who is responsible and what are the leasing implications when ground is damaged by flooding or other events? By Austin Deurfeldt.

Part 10: The Value of a Written Lease

The importance of formal leases in the 21st century. By Allan Vyhnalek.

Part 11: Types of Cropland Leases

Summarizing crop share, cash and flex leases. By Allan Vyhnalek.

Part 12: Lease Issues and Considerations

The importance of accounting for things like fertility, irrigation, hunting rights, grazing and more in written leases. By Allan Vyhnalek.

Part 13: Planning for Retirement (Or Not)

The farm and ranch succession conversation starts as operators consider retirement. But why do so many put it off? By Allan Vyhnalek.

Part 14: Ideal Planning

Tips and best practices on estate and succession planning and avoiding the "Circle of Inaction." By Allan Vyhnalek.

Part 15: Transfer to the Next Generation

Looking at family communication, the assumptions older and younger generations can make and the phases of successful farm transition. By Allan Vyhnalek.