Watch: Utilizing manure on cropland

Watch: Utilizing manure on cropland
Extension Educator Emeritus
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Allan Vyhnalek, Nebraska Extension Educator Emeritus, shares insights on the effective utilization of manure in crop ground, emphasizing the importance of proper application to improve fertility, soil health, and crop production.

Incorporating Manure into the Soil

Discover the advantages of incorporating manure into the soil through methods like knifing in, and learn how manure serves as a valuable source of organic matter, phosphorus, and micronutrients.

Potential Concerns When Using Manure

Explore potential concerns when using manure, such as risks of over-application, water supply contamination, and the presence of weed seeds.

Guiding Manure Application with Soil Tests

Understand the significance of not applying manure to the same field every year and using soil tests to guide its application for optimal results.

Benefits of Manure for Crop and Livestock Production

Vyhnalek concludes by highlighting the benefits of manure for both crop and livestock production, encouraging viewers to reach out with questions to or visit the cap website.

Improve Crop Yields and Soil Health

Enhance your knowledge on proper manure application techniques and reap the rewards of improved crop yields and soil health.