A Community Competition: The TAPS Crowdsourcing Team (May 5, 2022 Webinar)

A Community Competition: The TAPS Crowdsourcing Team (May 5, 2022 Webinar)
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With: Matt Stockton, professor and agricultural economist, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Krystal Rhoades, TAPS program manager, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; and Tessa Burford, Technology and Research Specialist, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

To engage those interested in farm production, the University of Nebraska at Lincoln (UNL) Testing Ag Performance Solutions (TAPS) program team has created a season-long event, the TAPS Crowdsourcing Team, as part of the 2022 sprinkler corn farm contest.

Have you ever wondered how the production choices during the corn growing season would affect the yield, efficiency, or profitability of a farm? So, how can you get involved? The TAPS Crowdsourcing Team event is open to the public and everyone is encouraged to participate and see how they stack up to others, all in good fun and without a major time commitment. Simply follow along online and give your input throughout the season. By participating online, you are anonymous, if you choose to be, while garnering the benefits of participation, such as full access to the team’s decisions, in-field results, as the season progresses, and new and exciting developed content from professionals, experts, specialists, crop producers, and more.

To get involved, follow TAPS on Twitter at UNL_TAPS and check out the website at taps.unl.edu.

As a webinar, this presentation will overview in more detail the opportunities presented by the 2022 TAPS Crowdsourcing Team initiative, as well as highlight some of its newly developed content, and provide a chance for anyone to ask presenting TAPS program team members about any questions they may have this far into the TAPS contest season.

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