TAPS: A Year of Surprising Results (Feb. 8, 2024 Webinar)

TAPS: A Year of Surprising Results (Feb. 8, 2024 Webinar)
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With: Matt Stockton, Professor, Agricultural Economics, UNL; and Chuck Burr, Water and Cropping Systems Extension Educator, UNL; and Krystle Rhoades, TAPS Program Manager, UNL.

In 2023, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Testing Ag Performance Solutions (TAPS) program had some surprises with a local hail event and a declining corn market. With this advent and the volatile corn market, contestants’ insurance and marketing choices were critical to their profitability. Join us for a discussion on the effect of the many different strategies and decisions made in four of Nebraska’s contests: sprinkler irrigated corn, sub-surface irrigated corn, dryland/irrigated sorghum, and popcorn. Some questions will be answered such as: 1) How much did forward pricing pay off?, 2) How effective was crop insurance in covering losses?, 3) Does level and type of protection matter?, and 4) more.

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