New Congress Has Effect on Ag

New Congress Has Effect on Ag
Associate Professor and Extension Policy Specialist
U.S. capitol building.

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This column was first published by Nebraska Farmer on Dec. 1 2022, and is excerpted here with permission. 

When the next session of Congress convenes in January, it will face a number of familiar agricultural issues on the agenda, but it will do so with some new faces on committees and a shake-up in the seating order for committee leadership.

Going into the 2022 election, there was widespread speculation about the possibility or even probability that Republicans would win control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

While some ballots were still being counted and a Georgia Senate runoff was still to be conducted as of this writing, the results of the election were sure enough to know that Democrats retained control of the Senate and that Republicans gained a slim majority in the House.

Change in House

With the change in control of the House chamber, there will be a shake-up in control of the House Agriculture Committee. While the two leaders are expected to remain the same, they will switch seats in the new Congress.

Republican Rep. Glenn Thompson of Pennsylvania will move from ranking member of the minority to chair of the committee, while Democratic Rep. David Scott of Georgia will relinquish the chair for ranking member status.

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