Mending the Stress Fence (June 1, 2023 Webinar)

Mending the Stress Fence (June 1, 2023 Webinar)
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With: Glennis McClure, Farm and Ranch Management Analyst, Nebraska Extension; and Shannon Sand, Agricultural Economist, Nebraska Extension.

It is important that we all learn how to manage our stress levels and reduce the effects of unwanted stress. Farmers and ranchers are no exception to experiencing stress, in fact, stress seems to be prevalent in the agriculture sector. Too much stress can make us more accident-prone, and it can affect our overall health. This program provides information on identifying common stressors, recognizing stress symptoms, and managing stress.

We hope you can take the time to join in on this CAP webinar to be reminded of proactive steps you can take to help manage and/or reduce your stress. Find more information about the program and Nebraska Extension's Rural Wellness group at

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