New Programs for Beginning and Retiring Farmers

New Programs for Beginning and Retiring Farmers
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Returning to the Farm

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Center for Agricultural Profitability and Nebraska Extension will present the Returning to the Farm workshop for families who are in the transition process of bringing members back to the farm. It will begin with a two-day workshop for multi-generational families on Dec. 10 and 11 in Columbus.  

Bringing a young person or the next generation into a farm or ranch operation can present challenges. This workshop will offer strategies for these businesses to help young people get a solid start in the organization while keeping the farm or ranch in the family and ensuring a comfortable retirement for older family members. 

Too often, the next generation comes back to the operation and there is little done to work on the transfer of management or assets to that generation. To be effective, this transfer should be planned. Ideally, there should be several years of planning mapped out for a successful transfer. 

The workshop will assist families and operations in developing financial plans and successful working arrangements to meet their unique needs. It will guide participants to identify estate planning issues, develop transition plans, set personal and professional goals and improve the communication process between family members.  

Presenters will include Nebraska Extension experts, agribusiness and legal professionals.  

The December workshop will be held at the Ramada Inn and Conference Center, 265 33rd Ave., in Columbus. Registration is $50 per person, which includes two meals, all class materials and two virtual follow-up meetings to be held on January 13 and February 10. In addition, web materials and videos will be made available to participating families. 

To register, visit

Nebraska Land Link provides opportunities to connect land seekers with retiring landowners

Land access is one of the biggest challenges facing aspiring and beginning farmers. Some landowners simply do not have the next generation available to take over their operation.

The Nebraska Land Link program was launched in February 2021 to help provide opportunities for both land seekers and landowners. The idea is to match seekers with landowners that are interested in having their operations continue.  

When you apply to Nebraska Land Link, either as a land seeker or a landowner, Nebraska Extension personnel will work to match your application with the most compatible counterpart. Using the answers submitted by land seekers, landowners are potentially matched with landowners determining who they’d like to visit with.  Nebraska Land Link matches are based on the shared values, interests and skills of both parties, so that a mutually beneficial and satisfying partnership can be forged over the course of the transition plan.

Before and throughout the process, we work to provide important educational information regarding transfers, communication, negotiations, goal setting and more. We are also here to answer any questions you may have.

At the current time, there are quite a few land seekers in the database. Land Link is seeking more landowners to help lessen that demand.

Nebraska Land Link is a project of Nebraska Extension's Farm and Ranch Succession and Transition program and Nebraska Women in Agriculture.

To register for Land Link, go to:

Anyone wanting more information or having questions about the Returning to the Farm workshop, or the Land Link program should contact Allan Vyhnalek,, 402-472-1771, or use the web links provided in this article.