Using 2024 Nebraska Crop Enterprise Budgets (Dec.14, 2023 Webinar)

Using 2024 Nebraska Crop Enterprise Budgets (Dec.14, 2023 Webinar)
Farm and Ranch Management Analyst
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With Glennis McClure, Extension Educator and Farm and Ranch Management Analyst, UNL

This webinar provides an overview of the current budgets including a look at recent input cost changes and why enterprise budgets are important along with decisions that can be made from them. The last part of the webinar provides a demonstration of how the UNL budgets can be downloaded in the Agricultural Budget Calculator (ABC) program and modified based on the producer’s own information.

The 2024 University of Nebraska-Lincoln crop budget projections are now available at and in the Ag Budget Calculator program. There are 84 budgets for a variety of crops grown in Nebraska that provide both a cash cost per unit of production and a total cost of production or economic cost per unit.This webinar will cover how producers and farm managers can use the budget projections in their business by modifying them to fit their specific farm. It will discuss what information is available in the budgets and how they can be used in Excel and the Ag Budget Calculator program to help users plan for upcoming growing seasons.

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