Free Ag Budget Calculator Trainings Scheduled

Free Ag Budget Calculator Trainings Scheduled
Combine harvesting soybeans.


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Center for Agricultural Profitability has scheduled a series of virtual training workshops for beginning and advanced users of the Agricultural Budget Calculator tool.

The Agricultural Budget Calculator (ABC) is a free online enterprise budgeting and decision-making tool that allows users to view university crop budgets and enter their own data to create customized enterprise reports that reflect how their farm resources are being allocated. It is designed to assist agricultural producers in determining their cost of production and projected cash and economic returns for various farm or ranch enterprises.

Training sessions will be led by Glennis McClure, extension educator and farm and ranch management analyst in the Department of Agricultural Economics. Courses include a program introduction that covers customizing crop budgets, a session on more advanced options like whole farm program features and sessions dedicated to question-and-answers about ABC.    

“It’s always important to estimate cost of production for our agricultural enterprises, but now with the volatile input and crop prices, it’s even more critical,” McClure said. “Knowing your estimated cost of production can assist you in making important management decisions.”

Each course will be offered multiple times before Feb. 8, via Zoom. They are free to attend, but registration is required at