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Extension Associate Professor, Ag Policy Specialist
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How policy can drive market for biofuels policy-legal, front-headlines
Nebraska and U.S. Farm Income Update and Outlook — Spring 2024 (April 18, 2024 Webinar) management, finance, webinar, policy-legal
Numbers matter: new Census of Agriculture data and farm income projections policy-legal, front-headlines
Commodity programs vs. crop insurance programs policy-legal, front-headlines
Farm Program Directions, Details, and Decisions (Jan. 25, 2024 Webinar) webinar, crops, policy-legal
New farm bill remains difficult goal in 2024 policy-legal, front-headlines
Farm bill extension pushes off debate, but not farmer decisions policy-legal, front-headlines
2023 farm income projections for Nebraska producers policy-legal, front-headlines
Nebraska and U.S. Farm Income Update and Outlook (Oct. 12, 2023 Webinar) webinar, policy-legal
When will the farm bill come? policy-legal, front-headlines
Tools to manage risk in agriculture policy-legal, front-headlines
Ag policy on, off Capitol Hill policy-legal, front-headlines
Federal debt, deficits, spending, baselines affect farm bill policy-legal, front-headlines
Insurance tools for livestock and dairy producers policy-legal, front-headlines
USDA Drought Assistance Programs in 2023 (May 4, 2023 Webinar) webinar, policy-legal
Case farms for farm-level income and policy analysis in Nebraska publications, policy-legal, front-headlines
Nebraska Farm Income Update and Outlook (March 30, 2023 Webinar) webinar, policy-legal
Nebraska’s Beef Industry Scholars tackle policy concerns policy-legal, front-headlines
The Growing Role of Government in Livestock Markets (March 16, 2023 Webinar) webinar, livestock
USDA Farm Service Agency Disaster Programs (March 2, 2023 Webinar) webinar, policy-legal
Nebraska Agriculture a Leader in the Region and the Country publications, policy-legal
Property Taxes, School Funding and Public Policy policy-legal, front-headlines
Farm Program Safety Net Options: ARC and PLC in 2023 (Feb. 7, 2023 Webinar) webinar, policy-legal
A Look at Farm Safety Net for 2023 policy-legal, front-headlines
New Congress Has Effect on Ag policy-legal, front-headlines
New Concepts in Farm Bill Debate policy-legal, front-headlines
Farm Income Projections Look Strong policy-legal, front-headlines
Farm Income Situation and Outlook (Oct. 6, 2022 Webinar) webinar, policy-legal
Inflation Reduction Act: What Does it Mean for the Climate and Ag Producers? (Sept. 22, 2022 Webinar) webinar, policy-legal
2023 Farm Bill Debate Underway policy-legal, front-headlines
Conservation Reserve Program Changes Priorities Over the Years policy-legal, front-headlines
Managing Through Drought with USDA Conservation and Assistance Programs (May 12, 2022 Webinar) management, webinar, policy-legal
Dive Into Dairy Policy Complexities policy-legal, front-headlines
Opportunities, Challenges for Beef Industry policy-legal, front-headlines
Making Farm Program, Crop Insurance, and Market Risk Management Decisions for 2022 (March 3, 2022 Webinar) management, webinar, crops, policy-legal
The Impact of COVID-19 on Cash Receipts for Nebraska Livestock and Poultry Producers publications, livestock, front-headlines
Safety Net Programs, Decisions for 2022 policy-legal, front-headlines
New Report: Regional Minimums in the U.S. Beef Complex livestock, front-headlines
Farm Program Details, Decisions, and Directions (Jan. 20, 2022 Webinar) webinar, policy-legal
Discussions on 2023 Farm Bill Should Begin in the New Year policy-legal, front-headlines
Nebraska Farm Income and Farm Policy Directions publications, policy-legal, front-headlines
The Future of Ag Policy Debate policy-legal, front-headlines
Net Farm Income Up, but Uncertainty on Horizon policy-legal, front-headlines
Farm Programs, Farm Income and Agricultural Outlook (Oct. 21, 2021 Webinar) webinar, policy-legal
Facts, Myths and Policy Directions for Ag policy-legal, front-headlines
Ebb and Flow of Federal Water Regulation policy-legal, front-headlines
Farmers Walk Tightrope When Managing Risk policy-legal, front-headlines
A Conversation on Conservation publications, policy-legal, front-headlines
Conservation Programs and Carbon Markets policy-legal, front-headlines
Conservation Program Opportunities for Producers and Landowners (July 8, 2021 Webinar) webinar, policy-legal
USDA Assists Socially Disadvantaged Producers policy-legal, front-headlines
Farm Income and the Safety Net in 2021 management, policy-legal, front-headlines
Agricultural Assistance Through PAP, ARP, and CFAP: What Are These and Why Should Farmers, Ranchers Care? (May 6, 2021 Webinar) management, webinar, policy-legal
A Look at Beef Policy Issues livestock, policy-legal
Insights Into Changing AG Policy Priorities policy-legal
Making Farm Program and Crop Insurance Decisions for 2021 (March 1, 2021 Webinar) management, webinar, crops, policy-legal
Insights into Safety Net Programs and Decisions policy-legal
CRP and How Corn Prices Affect Enrollment Trends crops, policy-legal
Farm Program and Ag Policy Update (Dec. 17, 2020 Webinar) management, webinar, policy-legal
Livestock Risk Management and LRP Updates (With USDA and the national Extension Risk Management Education Program) (Nov. 12, 2020 webinar) webinar, livestock
Farm Income and Farm Program Payments Update (Oct. 15, 2020 webinar) webinar, policy-legal
The Economic Impact of Nebraska Agriculture (Oct. 1, 2020 Webinar) webinar, policy-legal
Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) in Nebraska: What You Need To Know (June 4, 2020 webinar) webinar, policy-legal
Coronavirus Food Assistance Program for Livestock Producers livestock, policy-legal
Coronavirus Food Assistance Program for Crop Producers policy-legal