Publication Series

The Center for Ag Profitability's publication series carries on the work started in March 2021 with our Farm and Ranch Management (FARM) publication series by offering trusted, research-based information for producers and other agribusiness professionals of all levels.

Farm management issues covered include finances, the ag economy, marketing, ag policy, farm programs and much more. The series typically published 2-3 times per week, with each article usually accompanied by a podcast that summarizes and expands upon the written piece.

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Impacts of Crop Insurance and Intra-season Hedging on Long-run Net Income Risk
Managing Risk with Annual Forages
Calculating Field Operation Costs with ABC and Setting Harvest Rates
Ecosystem Goods and Services and Environmental Markets
The Economic Importance of Animal Agriculture and Perceptions of the Livestock Friendly County Designation
Nonirrigated Cropland Values in Central Plains States Show Strength in 2021
President Biden’s 30x30 Plan: Conserving and Restoring America the Beautiful
Cattle Markets React to USDA Reports: Implications for Risk Management
Starting a Cooperative
Adding Value to Livestock Through Approved Certification Programs
Are Livestock Producers Willing to Pay for Traceability Programs?
Selling During Times of Rising Commodity Prices
The Power of Family, Friends and Images in Attracting New Residents to Rural Communities
Quality Decision-making: What Should Farmers and Ranchers Be Paying Attention to Now?
Forage Production, Beef Cows and Stocking Density and Their Implications for Partial Herd Liquidation Due to Drought
What does the USDA-NASS Cattle on Feed Report Tell us About Cattle Production?
Problem-solving Courts in Nebraska
Prepare for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund
The Role of Premium Subsidies in Crop Insurance
Proactive and Quality Decision-making in Agriculture
Rising Fuel and Input Prices: Adjusting Enterprise Budgets and Tracking Cost of Production
Managing an Ever-complex Farming Operation: 7 Types of Waste
Evaluating Agricultural Landownership Characteristics Across Nebraska and the U.S.
Budget Templates Updated for Sheep and Goat Enterprises
Carbon Markets: Questions to Get You Started Thinking About This Management Opportunity
The Value of Farm Business Policies for Employees
Net Return Distributions When Metaphylaxis Is Used to Control Bovine Respiratory Disease in High Health Risk Cattle
Ag Carbon Offsets and the Carbon Bank
What Does the USDA-NASS Quarterly Hogs and Pigs Report Tell Us About Pig Production?
Cash Flow Versus Profitability
How Does Refinancing Affect Your Balance Sheet?
Crop Insurance 2021: The Role of the New Enhanced Coverage Option
2021 Crop Insurance Projected Prices and Guaranteed Prices
The Biden Climate Plan and Power Blackouts
Live Cattle Delivery in Nebraska and Its Impact on Basis